The K+L Movement

The Kindness+Love Art Movement is an expression of how to look at the world.
Art creates empathy, harmony, understanding and joy.
That is why we should conduct our lives creatively.
The Kindness+Love Movement is a coming together of people expressing solidarity for a particular theme, feeling or philosophy which creates enthusiasm and commitment.

Bedford 2021…. coming to your town soon!

The K+L Team

The Kindness–Love Movement was founded in 2020 by Liza Clymer. Her brilliant partners are Jane Millard and Vanessa Smith…

K+L Purpose

We have BIG plans with creative art installations that started right here in Bedford and we are just getting started ! The K+L team & ambassadors will be using all types artistic expressions from music to light, painting, sculpture, dance, and words that can be adopted by any community… From Bedford to Paris, art signs to sprawling murals; we want to color coast to coast in Kindness + Love. ❤️

How can I help the movement ? 

We Need You

Get ready to join our team and follow our journey. Any age, all types of art, or simply deeds of kindness will be incorporated into our ongoing movement.
We need you ! The world needs you.
Write to us, submit art, pictures.
Get creative and be sure to visit our website.


Kindness+Love Flower Bouquet Painting


Upcoming installations


View photos of past installations.


Kindness+Love World Flower Ball

Join us spreading

kindness + love!

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